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Appy Monday - Candy Crush Saga King of Freemium games. Featured

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Candy Crush Saga

A freemium game is an app that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store for android or iTunes for iOS products but users can spend money while playing the game to unlock premium services or enhancements if required. Freemium is a combination of the words "free" and "premium". The app being free attracts a lot of users to download and engage with the game until they are willing to spend money to enjoy premium features such as playing with no advertisements, unlocking extra levels or simple extra powers to help overcome existing levels.

One of the most played freemium Apps out there at the moment is Candy Crush Saga. We at b*different, like everyone else are addicted to it. Candy Crush Saga is a fun puzzle game that is available for free on Android and iOS. Produced by King.com Limited, The app can be integrated to your Facebook account where you can send and receive extra lives from your friends, see their scores, real time progress and compete to not only beat the tricky puzzles but to beat your friends scores too.

The aim of Candy Crush Saga is to work your way through hundreds of levels completing different tasks, some levels require you to reach a certain score, others to clear jellies, more to bring fruits down to the bottom of the screen but all levels have one thing in common, a limited amount of moves. You complete tasks by matching three or more jellies in a row. Run out of moves and you lose a life, having to wait thirty minutes or rely on friends to give you a life if you want to retry as five lives are the maximum you can have at any one time.

So this is where the Freemium elements come into play, and they are not cheap. Examples include:
• Jelly Fish (€1.79): Adds jelly fish to candy, then clears three pieces of jelly when matched.
• Extra Moves (€0.89): Adds five extra moves to a puzzle.
• Lollipop Hammer (€1.79): Smash candy to remove it.
• Charm of Life (€14.99): Increases your lives from five to eight.
• Charm of Stripes (€35.99): Allows you to change a candy to a special piece once per game.
• Charm of Frozen Time (€21.99): Allows time to stand still when you are planning your moves in time trial games.

Top Ten in App Downloads according to itunes are:
1. Extra Lives0,89 €
2. Extra Moves0,89 €
3. Lollipop Hammer1,79 €
4. Color Bomb0,89 €
5. Unlock Next Episode0,89 €
6. Unlock Lollipop Forest0,89 €
7. Striped & Wrapped1,79 €
8. Unlock Next Episode0,89 €
9. Unlock Next Episode0,89 €
10. Jelly Fish1,79 €

King.com say it is possible to clear all 335 Candy Crush Saga levels without purchasing any additional charms. After over a week stuck on level 29, we can easily see how tempting it could be to get out the credit card, buy the Charm of Life have three extra lives at a time and complete the levels catch up with our friends and feel like we are making progress at a game that is impossible to put down.

To download on Android: click here To download on iOS: click here

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