Appy Monday – MyFitnessPal

Losing weight and getting fit isn’t easy, we all know that. A good diet and willpower are key to success.

There’s only one source of willpower, but there are almost too many supposedly “good” diets out there; each telling you they’re the one that’s right for you. 

MyFitnessPal is different. It’s a huge, community driven source of dietary information. It doesn’t pretend to be a miracle cure. Instead, it provides you with nutritional information about the foods you eat and the calories you burn, allowing you to make correct decisions about your eating habits.

It educates you.

The app provides you with a recommended calorie intake for the day, based on your physical information, and gradually lowers it as your weight drops. In effect, it’s a calorie counter and a food diary, but it’s more than that.

You put your current weight, your goal weight into the app, and then track the food you eat each day, quickly selecting it from an extensive database.

You can even scan barcodes for quick and easy addition to the diary. The calories are reduced from your daily total, showing what you have left to eat for the day.

It’s all about helping you teach yourself good habits. It’s a guide, based on your life, and because you’re the one that’s inputting the information it’s instantly tailored to you.

You can create set meals, add your own recipes to the database, and ask others in the community for advice.

The app takes a realistic approach to assisting you in your goals. It knows that each day is different. That you won’t always get the opportunity to eat healthy, or plan your meals. It’s not going to tell you that you have to do 200 push-ups each day, or run 10 miles; it’s not a dictator.

MyFitnessPal provides you with the knowledge you need to help yourself make the correct decisions. Combine this app with any increase in exercise, drink tonnes of water and be patient. Success will come and happiness will follow!

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