Appy Monday – Phlok

Phlok is all about connecting local people with local business. It’s a unique Irish social media platform that rewards you for shopping local.

It’s also a free app available in the app store and Google Play.

Every merchant and business that you see on it, gives you the availability to collect points.

These points are a virtual currency and worth real money (1,000 points = €1). Just from signing up, you receive 2,000 points! Points are unique, in that you can collect and spend them in any participating store by simply clicking on your points total at the top of the screen and following the simple instructions.

It is quite addictive building up your points and you can also collect points by inviting your friends to join!

With the app, you can check out where your friends have checked in and see how you compare with their points, it has most certainly has brought out that competitive streak in me!

When you sign up with Phlok you set up your profile and it gives you the option of signing in through email or Facebook.

Once logged in, the app uses your GPS to locate business using Phlok close to you. Your mobile will even automatically alert you when you are near an offer! It also has a map option, so that you can search locations and business to see what other offers are in place. You can see a live feed of people who have checked-in and received points in doing so. There is also the option to send group or private messages to people in your ‘Phlok’.

Each business also has a profile, with information such as address, phone number, website and what their latest offer is etc. and they can also update their status with relevant information to their customers that will appear in your news-feed/activity page.

The app has numerous different local businesses signed up to bring you a wide variety of different categories that will benefit all users of Phlok.

Phlok can only grow stronger and in the coming months, you will see it rolling out into more counties across Ireland and abroad. Recently it has landed in the UK and only last week gained press coverage in Ilkley.

Another great app to come from Ireland and a definite one to download!

Check out their blog here.

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