Appy Monday – Secret

Secret landed on Irish iPhones at the end of April, after being already a hit in the US.

I had been dying to see what it was about after a “secret” was posted on the app revealing that the former head of Google+, Vic Gundrota, was interviewing for other jobs proved to be true.

The app is fun and easy to use. Simply type your secret, add a cute coloured background or add a picture from your gallery and hit send.

If someone from your contacts taps the heart icon indicating they love your secret, it is then sent on to their contacts. The more loving your post gets the more it spreads. You can only comment on updates from your friends or friends of friends.

To protect user anonymity, until you have three friends using the service they withhold your messages from your contacts.

When I first downloaded the app this held me back from getting the true experience. Also, users that don’t have enough friends won’t see posts. They will simply see “Your Circle” on posts.

Secret is available to download for free on IOS and is currently in beta on android so should be released in the near future in the Google Play Store.

To see the big picture effect of Secret check out what happened when a made up one written from the toilet went viral here. Appy Monday everyone!

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