Let’s B*Different, Sinéad Cady is Bringing Beauty Classes To Your Bedroom.

The popularity of Youtube has exploded in Ireland over the last few years. Last week we caught up with daily vlogger Jonathan Saccone-Joly to discuss life on YouTube. Today is the turn of Sinéad Cady, Ireland’s most subscribed female YouTuber. Sinead, was an early adopter of YouTube and is a true success story of the creative platform; going from being denied a place on a makeup course to having 424,123 subscribers watching and learning from her videos, which she uploads three times a week

Tell us about life before the vlogs.

Before I started “TheMakeupChair” life was really boring. I finished school and was working part time as a sales assistant. I applied for a makeup course in Cork College of Commerce only to be refused (twice) so I was feeling very frustrated that I couldn’t get any work or training in the makeup industry. I went online and bought lots of makeup books and started teaching myself makeup at home. 

How did you get started on YouTube?

One night when I was Googling makeup I found makeup tutorials on YouTube. I started watching them and realised there wasn’t many videos explaining the basics for beginners. I really wanted to share what I’d learnt for beginners so I created my first video – How to tell if you are a Warm/Cool/Neutral undertone and then I started uploading regularly on different subjects. Luckily this got me a place in Cork College of Commerce and I studied there for a year which was a great experience. 

At what point did you discover that you could make a career out of YouTube?

Throughout my year of college I still tried to upload once a week. It was tricky at times but the views and the support I got from my followers really made it worthwhile. I applied for a second makeup course the following year but a few weeks in I became extremely unhappy and I struggled to keep up with my video uploads. It was then that I decided to leave college and try to make it as a makeup artist with the skills I had already learnt. It was a difficult choice to make and most people thought I was crazy to drop out but my family where really supportive. About two years ago YouTube took off for me with many of my videos reaching over a million views. That’s when I realised this could be a business!

What has been the highlight of your YouTube career?

It’s hard to pick one highlight for the whole thing. Every day I get messages from women of all ages telling me that my videos make them feel confident and happy. To me that’s the best part of the whole experience!

Any advice for young people thinking about a career in vlogging?

For anyone who is thinking about starting on YouTube make sure you have a tough skin, YouTube is wonderful and scary all at the same time. Though I rarely get any “hate” you have to be able to deal with it when it comes!

When you share your life with the world are there privacy concerns in the future?

I never worry about privacy because I never over share anything about myself. I keep my life pretty private. My videos are more about makeup and beauty and hardly ever about me personally.

What does 2014 hold in store for The Make Up Chair and what are your opinions on the long term future of YouTube businesses?

The next two years are going to be really exciting, I’m working on something special which I can’t speak about just yet but it links back to my channel which will continue to have makeup lessons and fun beauty reviews and tutorials! As long as people keep watching I will keep creating videos!

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Appy Monday – How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Voucher on an iPhone or iPad

I have had a few parents text me in the last few weeks asking how to redeem an iTunes gift voucher on an iPhone or iPads. Apparently there is a new trend in giving iTunes vouchers as communion and confirmation gifts

Step 1:  From your home screen open the App Store

Step 2: On the bottom left hand side, select the featured menu (the star icon)

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page

Step 4: Tap on Redeem

Step 5: Sign in to your iTunes account.

Step 6: Choose how to redeem your voucher.

  1. Click on “Use Camera” point the camera at the gift card and follow on screen instructions; the code will automatically be redeemed
  2. Click “You can also enter your code manually” and enter the 16 digit iTunes voucher number. Tap Redeem on the top right corner. 

Step 7:  Your account will now be credited with the value of the voucher. You can use your credit to purchase all products from iTunes and the App Store. If an App or Album costs more than the credit on the account the credit card associated with the apple id in use will be charged the balance.

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Let’s BDifferent, Jonathan Saccone-Joly Talks Life On YouTube

The social talent of YouTube has been in the traditional media spot light more and more since the acquisition of US based digital video network Maker Studios by Disney for $500million in March. Main stream media outlets can no longer deny the threat of technology-driven video coming from individual content creators on YouTube.

Jonathan Saccone-Joly is Ireland’s most successful YouTube vlogger, together with his wife Anna he has turned uploading daily snippets of their family life onto YouTube into a full time career. The SacconeJolys’ have been recording their daily lives for four years now, every evening at 6pm Irish time, across the world people tune in to LeFloofTV on YouTube to see the latest instalment from the Cork based family. The current stats for their YouTube channel stand at an impressive 429,771 subscribers and a total of 86,940,792 views.

The couple have shared almost everything with the world, from their engagement and marriage, to the birth of their two Children, puppy births, holidays and of course the day to day life in-between. Next on the agenda is their big move to London later this month.

Today we catch up with Johnathan to talk about his career to date:

Tell us about life before the vlogs.
Before I picked up the camera and began to share my life with the world, I had just graduated university from AUB (Arts University Bournemouth) where I studied and completed a BA Hons in interactive media. I left university with the world in my sights but sadly graduated in the middle of a huge global recession and after working for a few months in London doing contract work I retreated back to my home town of Dublin,  to see if I could find anything better. After a few months of hopeless searching for work I noticed that I had been spending most of my time watching YouTube videos for either entertainment or education and that was the first time I thought about YouTube as a career option.
How did you get started on YouTube?
I started with simple parody videos, just me utilising some of the skills I had picked up at university, I did maybe 30 of those types of video and then I put up a different kind of video, just me out walking my dog in a forest with my then girlfriend, now wife and suddenly there were more comments, more rating and more interest from such a simple video, no special effects no written scripts just an honest account of my day. I did go back to doing the parody videos until my 50th video on the channel which was me saying that i was going to try make an honest video diary of my real life for one week.
At what point did you discover that you could make a career out of youtube?
It was about 350 days into my daily video series, and at this point i had moved down to Cork. I managed to get a job working in a stock video studio doing after effects and general video composition and I remember getting an email from my network about the channel stats and looking at my pay check from the studio and realising that youtube was about to become a bigger pay check than my nine to five.
What has been the highlight of your youtube career?
Meeting the people who made all this possible. Each year since the 2nd year i started this series I have organised a meet and greet with my viewers. The first year 10 people showed up and we just sat in a park in the city. The second year I had to rent space because almost 50 people showed up. The third year I had a sponsor and packed out an entire night club with hundreds turning up to say hi, and although yes there have been many milestones I have achieved in terms of viewing figures, money and accolades I still couldn’t have achieved any of that if it wasn’t for the support of the people who watch my videos.
Any advice for young people thinking about a career in vlogging?
Stop thinking about it, and start uploading videos. Youtube is forever expanding and being noticed is becoming increasingly difficult but if you have the drive, the determination and the intrinsic motivation there is no reason why you cannot become successful.
When you share your life with the world are there privacy concerns in the future?
I find it funny when I watch back the older videos, back when no one was watching, the information I would share because what harm could it do, I now know better. Lucky for me I learnt a lot when no one was watching so now I find myself better equipped in knowing what I should and should not share.
You are moving to London in the near future, what does 2014 hold in store for the SacconeJolys and what are your opinions on the long term future of youtube businesses?

I personally try and make a lot of longterm goals and not too many short term, I will move back to the UK later this month in the hopes of being part of what I can only describe as a media revolution, for so long main stream media has tried to ignore the online space but I see we are heading into transition period where talent is being picked up from the online space rather then the traditional medium and I also want to make sure I am front and centre should anyone come looking a funny irish man.

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Samantha Kelly – Empowering The Irish SME #IrishBizParty

#Irishbizparty is a weekly Twitter based networking event for Irish SMEs. It takes place from 9pm to 11pm every Wednesday night, when Irish start-ups and SME’s gather online from the comfort of their own homes to talk shop, help others and promote their own business in the process

Today we have a quick chat with Samantha Kelly founder of #IrishBizParty.



How did the idea for #IrishBizParty come about?

It just happened really, it was born out of frustration. I could see there was a gap in networking, especially for those Mums who couldn’t get out to BNI breakfast meetings for example. I thought it was unfair that we would miss out just because we had no one to mind the kids etc. I also thought these networks were expensive for start-ups and they could sometimes be quite intimidating. There were also a lot of new entrepreneurs who had started a business out of necessity as one partner had lost a job due to the recession; some of us were lacking confidence and support as we didn’t know anyone else in the business world.

Then one evening when I was having a particularly demanding week and had got frustrated with all the red tape and paperwork clouding entrepreneurial vision in Ireland. I decided that I would try to create a bit of positivity and thought that surely I was not the only one coming across the same stuff. It was a Wednesday night so I asked the question on Twitter were there any business who needed help promoting themselves, I asked them to tweet what they did using the hashtag #irishbizparty and that I would retweet it for them.

I got a lot of replies and this continued for a while until it started to get really busy. The results were amazing and soon there were over thirty businesses all active and the great thing was they all followed each other and re-tweeted each other’s business.

So that is really how it started and I decided to do it every Wednesday night after that. It has since grown rapidly into hundreds of participents; #irishbizparty trends regularly on Wednesdays and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Who takes part in #Irishbizparty and who should be taking part? 

Anyone who has started a business, is thinking of starting one or who is interested in supporting Irish business by buying from a small business owner rather than the multiples or large chains/

Have you any goals for #IrishBizParty for 2014?

Yes! My goal is to grow the network. We have over 1000 members on our very active and supportive Facebook group.  And over 700 SMEs take part on the hashtag every week. I select a #Starbiz every Wednesday night that get a feature on independent.ie thanks to Ailish O Hora in the small business section. This is a huge emotional boost for the business owner if anything!

Going from Twitter to offline would you like to tell us about the #Irishbizparty Inspires Conference?

I first decided to do a conference as I was always speaking at conferences where the tickets were sometimes costing  over €150 and I thought ‘This is wrong….the people who need to be here learning all these tips and being inspired are start-ups and SMEs yet they can’t afford to spend that amount of money.’  So I decided to do one myself with the aim of inspiring SME community by providing a place for them to network in a friendly environment.

I held the first one in the Green Isle hotel which was very successful, over 200 SMEs came along! So now I have organized one in Wexford to give SMEs a boost. I will have some really inspirational speakers including Jason O Reilly who was the ‘guy who cried on Dragons Den’ and Joanne Sweeney Burke who was a finalist in The Apprentice on TV3. I have made it really affordable at €30 per ticket with lunch included. Find more details on the #IrishBizParty Conference here.

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Appy Monday – Free Wi-Fi Finder

I have about 100 apps installed on my iPhone 5c but none as useful as the Free Wi-Fi Finder app that I downloaded over the weekend. 

The Free Wi-Fi Finder uses your current location to display where there is Wi-Fi available nearby. Results can then be filtered by location type such as Bar, Hotel, Library, Restaurant or School/University. When you select the hotspot you want to use, it displays the locations details and the option to get directions to that location. 

There is also the option to add location information for new Wi-Fi hotspots to the apps database. The app already features over 550,000 free and paid Wi-Fi locations in 144 countries worldwide

The Free Wi-Fi Finder app can be downloaded on Android from the Google Play Store and for iPhone from the App Store.

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5 Google Doodles That Slowed Down Employee Productivity


Every now and then the Google homepage brings the internet to a standstill with a great interactive Google Doodle. Today we look at a selection of 5 Google Doodles that kept employees from getting real work done.


5. Google’s 15th Birthday

On September 27th 2013, Google celebrated its 15th birthday in style with a Google Doodle dedicated to itself. The doodle displayed the Google letters at a birthday party, press play and a Piñata came into view. The Google “g” was now blindfolded and had ten chances to hit it. Pressing the space bar the “g” strikes the moving Piñata, and sweets fall out. The more sweets you knock out, the higher your score. We got 144 give it a go and see can you beat us, just make sure your boss isn’t looking.

You can play the Google’s 15th Birthday Doodle here.

4. Roswell’s 66th Anniversary

July 8th 2013 saw quite a strange event been celebrated in the form of a Google Doodle. The 66th Anniversary of the Roswell doodle depicts the story of an alien, who crash landed on earth and needs help putting the three sections of his ship back together by solving puzzles and interacting with farm animals.

The point and click alien adventure can be played here.

3. Les Paul’s 96th Birthday


I cannot play the guitar nor do I claim to but on June 9th 2011 that didn’t stop me as I attempted to string a few notes together to celebrate the 96th birthday of Les Paul, an American guitarist, songwriter and inventor. The iconic Google logo was transformed into an electric guitar that was playable by moving your mouse over the guitar strings. According to Google in 48 hours in the U.S alone, 5.1 years’ worth of music or 40 million songs were created and those songs were played back 870,000 times.

You can try your hand at making music on the Les Paul Google Doodle here.

2. 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

May 21st 2010 will always be remembered fondly as the date one of my favourite childhood games made history by becoming the first interactive doodle for Google. The game is just so easy but way to addictive. Simply use the arrow keys to get around the course collecting all the balls without running in to the ghosts. There was even a hidden Easter egg in the doodle press “insert coin” twice to make it a two player game with Ms. Pac-Man joining in the fun. 

If you have a few hours to kill, check out the Google doodle for Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary here.

1. 40th Anniversary of Rubik’s Cube

Yesterday, May 19th 2014 saw probably the most time consuming of all Google Doodles hit our screen an interactive Rubik’s Cube. It was a lot more complex than the others with its six faces. Just like the real thing after multiple attempts I was forced to retire in the knowledge that without Photoshop I was not going to be sharing my completed Rubik’s Cube with you today.

If you think you can complete the online Rubik’s Cube give it a shot here.

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Appy Monday – Secret

Secret landed on Irish iPhones at the end of April, already a hit in the US; I had been dying to see what all the fuss was about after coming across it when a secret was posted on the app revealing that the former head of Google+, Vic Gundrota, was interviewing for other jobs proved to be true as he officially announced he was leaving Google days later.

The app is fun and easy to use. Simply type your secret, add a cute coloured background or add a picture from your gallery, making sure that your photo won’t give your identity away of course and hit send. If someone from your contacts taps the heart icon indicating they love your secret, that secret is then sent on to their contacts, and the more loving your post gets the more it spreads. You can only comment on secrets from your friends or friends of friends. 

To protect user anonymity, until you have three friends using the service they withhold secrets from your contacts showing in your secret feed. When I first downloaded the app this held me back from getting the true secret experience. Also users that don’t have enough friends on Secret won’t see posted by friends or friends of friends they will simply see “Your Circle” on posts.

Secret is available to download for free on IOS and is currently in beta on android so should be released in the near future in the Google Play Store. 

To see the big picture effect of Secret check out what happened when a made up secret wrote from the toilet went viral here. Appy Monday everyone! 

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Let’s B*Different: Lorna Sixsmith Talks Self-Publishing

Life on the farm can be hectic, Can you tell us how the book idea came about? 

It was inspired by a blog post entitled ‘Advice to those considering marrying a farmer’ which was written in a very tongue in cheek style in September 2012. The inspiration for the blog post came after a session of sorting cattle with my husband! It became really popular and I started thinking about writing a book in April 2013 and went on to write 10,000 words. I attended a talk on crowdfunding in Wales in early June and decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to determine if there was sufficient interest in the book (testing the market) and to raise some finance via pre-orders of the book.

The campaign ended successfully on 20th August and I received delivery of a thousand copies of ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ on 29th November, selling 750 before Christmas. I have now printed a second print run and it is available in all good bookshops. 

Can you give some advice to people interested in self publishing a book? Workload, Important factors to consider?

Keep writing and write a little every day. Most self publishers will be working full time so it’s important to stay motivated and keep at it.

Be realistic about the costs involved. Even if you just self publish on kindle rather than print it out too, the costs will still include an editor and an illustrator for the front cover design as an absolute minimum. 

Set yourself a deadline and stick to it. It could be very easy to keep editing and tinkering with the manuscript – sometimes you just have to take that jump and publish. However, do leave sufficient time for a good edit.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media in terms of growing brand awareness about your book and helping you to get free press coverage. 

Getting the word out about your book will be more work that you might imagine, particularly if you have printed it and want to get it into bookshops but it will all pay off. 

You went the crowd funding route, what was the response like? and would you recommend it?

Crowdfunding is hard work, it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted and I would argue that a strong online following is essential for success. However, it is so worthwhile. The benefits are so much more than financial – it generates brand awareness, publicity and pre-sales. It gives you increased confidence in your book and it allows you to test the market. 

You’re writing another book in 2014, will you change the way you do any of it? 

In some ways, I need to run another crowdfunding campaign if only to give myself a strict deadline!  Although I’m writing another book, I’m also working on marketing and selling the first one. I’m going to be selling it at the Sheep Shearing Festival in Gorey next weekend and I’m judging the Blue Jeans Country Queen festival in Athboy the weekend after. I’m delighted to have just heard that I’m being interviewed on TV3 Ireland AM next Monday morning. 

This book is a different genre so I’m still undecided as to whether I will print it out or not or just sell it as an ebook. 

What was the highlight of the process for you? 

Being interviewed by Ryan Tubridy (as he really knows his books) and hearing him describe it in such glowing terms. 

‘Would You Marry a Farmer’ is available in all good bookshops now. It can be purchased on Kindle and ordered online from irishfarmerette.com

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Google And The Right To Be Forgotten

In a landmark case in Luxembourg, The European Court of Justice (ECJ) today ruled that people have the right in certain circumstances to have information about them removed from search results. In the case involving a Spanish citizen, the court said individuals have the right “to be forgotten”,  where the information being linked to appeared “to be inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant or excessive … in the light of the time that had elapsed”. 

Mario Costeja González, had lodged a complaint against La Vanduardia, which is a Spanish daily newspaper, Google Spain and Google regarding the search results that appeared when his name was “Googled”.  The top results for his name included newspaper articles from the late 90’s in which La Vanduardia detailed the auction notice of his home after it had been repossessed in order to recover social security debts. Mr. Costeja González was arguing that these articles on the La Vanduardia website were no longer relevant as the proceedings against him had long been resolved.

His complaint against the newspaper was not upheld as the information was lawfully published at the time. However, the complaint against the search engine giant was upheld by the court. It ruled: “Thus, if, following a search made on the basis of a person’s name, the list of results displays a link to a web page which contains information on the person in question, that data subject may approach the operator directly and, where the operator does not grant his request, bring the matter before the competent authorities in order to obtain, under certain conditions, the removal of that link from the list of results.”

Google and other web publishers will now be required to consider all removal requests and if declined, the requester can take their request to the relevant data protection authority.

A Google spokesperson said: “This is a disappointing ruling for search engines and online publishers in general. We are very surprised that it differs so dramatically from the advocate general’s opinion and the warnings and consequences that he spelled out. We now need to take time to analyse the implications.”

There are currently over 200 cases waiting to be heard against Google that involve Spanish citizens who want personal information about them deleted from the search results.

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Appy Monday – 5 Apps For Entertainment On The Go

Away at a meeting but fancy some Game of Thrones action? or perhaps there is nothing on TV tonight that takes your fancy, fret not because we have put together 5 must have apps for entertainment on the go. All Apps picked are available on IOS from the App Store and Android from the Google Play Store. Enjoy! 

RTÉ Player: 

RTÉ player allows users to stream programmes shown on RTÉ for up to 21 days after transmission, as well as watch selected shows live. This app was a god send when I was visiting family in the UK last year and was set to miss the Toy Show #LifeSaver You can search for shows by a-z, most recent, most popular, and category. The App is free and there are no subscription fees, download today and you will never have an excuse not to catch up with Tommy & Co in Fair City again.


The 4OD App is full of great content from across the companies network including Channel4, E4 and More4. The app is free and there are no subscription fees. From a usability point of view the content is well laid out, the search features are impressive, and some content is grouped into categories which is handy if you have specific interests. The ads can sometimes be choppy when loading but the content generally streams well. Another point to note before downloading is that because of the ability to download some shows, the app will not work on rooted devices. 

Sky Go:

I only recently discovered the gem that is the Sky Go app. This app requires access to an active Sky login and subscription to work but is well worth downloading if you have Sky at home. The available content on the App varies depending on your sky subscription. With the most basic Sky package, I have access to box sets including Game of Thrones, 24, and Sherlock on the go. Shows can be streamed over WIFI or downloaded to watch on the device for up to 7 days. Again, because of the ability to download shows, the Sky Go app will not work on rooted devices


The Netflix app is great, I love it, it’s easy to use, and so addictive. Every time I decide to cancel my subscription I get addicted to another show. While the app is free, Netflix comes with a price tag of €7.99 per month. Sign up online for a free one month trial, and you won’t regret it. The Netflix app is loaded with a host of original series including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Lily Hammer. It also has classics such as 24, Breaking Bad and for the geaks amongst us Battlestar Galactica. 


Having the YouTube app gives you access to all the entertainment you will ever need and then some. Catch up on the latest viral videos, music videos, and vloggers, Watch unboxing, the boxing, or learn how to draw a box. Youtube has it all and for free. 

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Managing Multiple Google+ Pages For One Brand

In the last couple of weeks with the announcement of the departure of Vic Gundotra from Google there was a lot of talk online that his legacy at the company, Google+ was on life support and waiting to be killed off. This speculation was all well and good except for one thing, at the same time that half the internet was planning a funeral for Google+, business owners were noticing that their Google places accounts had been automatically merged into Google+ pages and things were looking very messy.

Some businesses had their main brand page on Google+ where they were posting content regularly. They also had a Google Places For Business account where they managed all the location details for their bricks and mortar locations around the country. Many large businesses with multiple locations like supermarkets, fast-food chains, or retail stores now had hundreds of Google+ pages to manage. These local listings which are very important to brands in terms of driving local traffic and sales to a website were now looking like empty unbranded Google+ pages.

Google+ pages cannot be merged and Google+ also doesn’t support a parent child relationship between pages. So deciding what to do with multiple Google+ pages can be tricky. Firstly we suggest you add a logo and a cover photo to all of the new pages and ensure that the correct information for your locations is being displayed. This information can be edited easily by logging in to Google Places for Business

Options for managing multiple Google+ pages for the one brand: 

  1. Keep the old Google+ brand page and the new Google+ pages for your locations active by posting all content to both. If your business has a national and local presence this makes sense, but it is a lot of work if you have 30 shops located around the country.

  2. Delete the original Google+ Page that you were running for your brand, reposting all the old content to the new local Google+ page. This option is also not very practical if you have 30 locations nationwide that now need individual Google+ pages managed.

  3. Our recommended solution is to keep the original brand Google+ page and all the new local pages. Post all new content to the original brand page as normal and place a once off post on the new Google+ pages for each location directing users to the main brand Google+ page. 

If you find all this a bit too daunting B*Different offer both social media training and account management services, get in touch with us today.

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Appy Monday – Tinder

“The application is clearly addictive.” – The New York Times “Everyone I know is suddenly talking about it.” – New York Magazine

Tinder is the must have app for all singletons in 2014, it is a social discovery app that allows users to view other Tinder users nearby and decide if they like them based on basic information such as a photos, interests and mutual friends. The information used within the app is pulled from Facebook which is needed to log into the application. Tinder users also get to add a brief intro to make their profile more appealing.

“‘Tinder’ is a verb. It has become so popular that the name of the application is an action.” – The Huffington Post

Setup of the app is easy, users log in with Facebook, select what sex they are interested in, add an age range and radius to search. Users are then presented with their matches which they can “like” or “pass”. If you both mutually like each others profiles you are then allowed to private chat in the app. If you pass on someone, you’ll never see their profile again, and they can’t see yours.

As I’m in a relationship my use of the app was limited to watching a friend scroll through the women of Dublin, swiping right for a like and swiping left for a pass and cursing profoundly when he made a mistake or doubted his judgement on the last left swipe knowing his mystery women was now off his Tinder radar forever. 

Tinder is available on Android and iPhone get it whilst it’s hot! 

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