Fancy being driven to work not in, but by your car?

Well, Google is one step closer to making this a reality – by introducing its new self-driven cars on the roads of America – developed by Stanford Professor and Vice President of Google – Sebastian Thrun. 

The vehicles have been licensed to legally drive on the highways of Nevada – the first of which is a Toyota Prius.

The cars themselves rely on a number of elements to ensure that they are safe – from radar sensors to a series of lasers, video cameras and also on a large database collected by real world drivers.

So far, self-driven cars have travelled on, amongst others, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Golden Gate Bridge.

With the prevalence and the incredible detail being poured into Google Maps, self-driven cars were really only a matter of time.  It will be quite interesting, from a safety point of view in the future to see how successful these cars are – especially in terms of the reaction time of a computer versus a human.

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