Appy Monday – 5 Apps For Entertainment On The Go

Away at a meeting but fancy some Game of Thrones action? or perhaps there is nothing on TV tonight that takes your fancy, fret not because we have put together 5 must have apps for entertainment on the go. All Apps picked are available on IOS from the App Store and Android from the Google Play Store. Enjoy! 

RTÉ Player: 

RTÉ player allows users to stream programmes shown on RTÉ for up to 21 days after transmission, as well as watch selected shows live. This app was a god send when I was visiting family in the UK last year and was set to miss the Toy Show #LifeSaver You can search for shows by a-z, most recent, most popular, and category. The App is free and there are no subscription fees, download today and you will never have an excuse not to catch up with Tommy & Co in Fair City again.


The 4OD App is full of great content from across the companies network including Channel4, E4 and More4. The app is free and there are no subscription fees. From a usability point of view the content is well laid out, the search features are impressive, and some content is grouped into categories which is handy if you have specific interests. The ads can sometimes be choppy when loading but the content generally streams well. Another point to note before downloading is that because of the ability to download some shows, the app will not work on rooted devices. 

Sky Go:

I only recently discovered the gem that is the Sky Go app. This app requires access to an active Sky login and subscription to work but is well worth downloading if you have Sky at home. The available content on the App varies depending on your sky subscription. With the most basic Sky package, I have access to box sets including Game of Thrones, 24, and Sherlock on the go. Shows can be streamed over WIFI or downloaded to watch on the device for up to 7 days. Again, because of the ability to download shows, the Sky Go app will not work on rooted devices


The Netflix app is great, I love it, it’s easy to use, and so addictive. Every time I decide to cancel my subscription I get addicted to another show. While the app is free, Netflix comes with a price tag of €7.99 per month. Sign up online for a free one month trial, and you won’t regret it. The Netflix app is loaded with a host of original series including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Lily Hammer. It also has classics such as 24, Breaking Bad and for the geaks amongst us Battlestar Galactica. 


Having the YouTube app gives you access to all the entertainment you will ever need and then some. Catch up on the latest viral videos, music videos, and vloggers, Watch unboxing, the boxing, or learn how to draw a box. Youtube has it all and for free. 

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