Perfect Image Sizes for Facebook Pages


Cover Photo:

The ideal size for uploading a Cover photo to Facebook is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. If you upload cover photo that is smaller than 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, the image will get stretched to these dimentions losing quality and appearing blurry.

Profile Picture:

The image uploaded as a profile picture needs to be 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall or larger, Facebook will shrink the picture to 160 x 160 pixels with a 5 pixel white border surrounding the image

Timeline Photo

Photos uploaded to your timeline are automaticly sized to 403 pixels by 403 pixels, images larger than this are automaticly sized down for this reason we recommened uploading images at 806 pixels by 806 pixels.

Images smaller than 403 pixels by 403 pixels are streached to fit. Larger images are shown on the timeline at 403 pixels by 403 pixels. They are shown centered which may mean a message may be lost by been cut off.


Timeline Photo Hilighted

If you wish to highlight an image on your timeline upload it at 843 pixels by 403 pixels otherwise the image will be resized and will not display as uploaded.

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Facebook – now with 901 million users

On Monday, Facebook announced that it is creeping even closer to a staggering 1 billion members. 

The company now has 901 monthly active users, with 526 million being described as daily active users in the month of March.  

488 million also used Facebook mobile services in March. 

Interestingly enough, Twitter is beginning (slowly but surely) to catch up on Facebook with a reported 500 million users in February of this year.  However, of this 500, only roughly 140 million accounts are active.  

So who’s got the champagne for the 1 billionth user?  

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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

In what was really a surprise move, Facebook announced on Monday (9th April) that they had acquired the photo-sharing app ‘Instagram’ for…wait for it – $1 billion dollars.  

It was announced on Mark Zuckerburg’s Timeline, before being released as a press release by the company. 

The company says that they Instagram will remain independent but within minutes, users took to twitter to voice their concerns in terms of privacy with many stating that they would be deleting their Instagram apps straight away.  



Instagram itself is a relatively new company only having been launched 551 days ago.  An interesting tweet suggested that Instagram made $1.8 million dollars each day since they started.  Wow!  

Instagram recently launched a new Android app to compliment it’s iPhone app.  It has a base (so far) of 8 million users but with Facebook coming on board, this is likely to increase significantly.  

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