Appy Monday – Hailo

We’ve all struggled to flag down a taxi, at one time or another. St. Patrick’s day, Halloween, or even just a regular Friday night, you can be left standing out on the curb, in the cold, for what seems like an eternity before you manage to commandeer yourself one of those elusive, fluorescent lit chariots. Even ordering one from your own home to head out on the town can be a labour in itself! 

Hailo changes all that. You sign in to the app, with the usual account creation mumbo-jumbo, and it uses wi-fi, gps or your internet connection to not only locate you, but also the closest available taxi to you. 

It gives you an estimated time of arrival, details on the driver, and the ability to select what type of cab you need (whether it be standard or 6-seater, etc.). It even allows you to choose whether to pay in cash, or to set up your account with a credit or debit card. So you can get home, even if you don’t have any money on you! 

It’s fantastically simple to use, free to download, and performs beautifully. No calling, organising, or any fuss. Just flick it on, and within a couple of clicks you’ll have your transport provided in a few short minutes. 

You can’t get home without it! 

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