Young Irish Entrepreneurs Spotlight – Dan and Mike’s Ice Cream

Young Irish entrepreneurs Dan and Mike from County Tipperary answered a few questions for B*Different on what appearing on Junior Dragons Den with Dan and Mike’s Ice Cream has done for them and their business.

How was your business doing before appearing on Junior Dragons Den?
We set up our company in September of 2011 as a project for school. The sales really started piling up the following summer and then we entered Junior Dragons Den. Before appearing on Junior Dragons Den our business was going quiet well. We were working on new designs for labels and tubs and the hype of being on Junior Dragons Den got us a lot of publicity and our sales were also very high. We noticed that a lot more people were beginning to ask more questions and enquire a lot more, after hearing that we might be on television, instead of just buying an ice cream or sorbet and then walking away.

How has the show helped you?
The show helped us immensely in many ways. Our product was so much more well known and the support and great comments we were receiving from people we didn’t even know was just fantastic. it gave us great confidence in our product and we were really pleased in general. The bursary that Sean O Sullivan awarded us helped us to widen our selling range as many shops now want to sell our products and we are also able to travel to town festivals and craft fairs to sell our ice creams and sorbets there. some of the comments that the dragons made about our products on the show was was really encouraging and also was a great endorsement.

What have you done since the show?
Since the show we have completed our new designs for our new customized tubs along with the help of a few friends and a great graphic designer in London. These tubs will allow us to expand our range into more different shops, only around South Tipp for the moment. We have also purchased a new ice cream cart with the bursary which we feel is a unique sight in Ireland and will also help us to sell more as we can travel to many festivals and events.

What are your plans for the next year? 
In the next year we hope to have our ice creams and sorbets in all good shops around our area! We also plan to travel around the county and province this summer selling our products at craft fairs and festivals. 



Dan and Mike will be selling their Ice Cream in Tesco, Clonmel this Friday June 7th 2013 and it is available locally on an ongoing basis in shops around the town. 

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