14 inspiring talks to spark creativity

They say that success is often 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration and we think that includes motivation too. Here at BDifferent, we understand that sometimes you might need a push in the right direction to come up with new ideas. Below are 14 talks and conversations that will hopefully motivate (or at least inspire) you…

Talks to Motivate
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How We Won A BIG Client

I received a call from a very large organisation asking could they meet me to discuss doing some business. Like all potential clients, I invited them to meet me in my office to discuss their needs. The Marketing Manager from the organization called to meet the team and I, and I took her through our company presentation deck along with showcasing work that we had previously completed for other clients. I could tell she was happy with my no-bullshit approach and what she was hearing was fact but I really felt we were a little too small for her, with them being a massive group.

The week after coming over to meet me she called me again to see if she could bring her Head of Brand for the company over to meet me, I of course accepted. We ran through the deck again and spoke of my experience, but he was harder to read and really felt that I did not have a hope in landing this contract, not because we were not able to fulfil it, but because large companies tend to steer to larger agencies. But I did think big because I knew we could do it.

However, I do recall an important moment in our conversation and that was when they asked me, do I think there is any difference between the UK and Irish market. Well, I went off on a tangent and explained the differences in terms of marketing. For example, I spoke about the UK market are receptive to negative marketing, as in being told what to do, whereas the Irish market reacts well to positive marketing, I also give a few examples to explain my points and they loved it. Bare in mind though, what I was saying was the truth and based upon facts an experiences having marketed to both markets.

When they returned back to the UK we had a follow-up call and they explained the process that they were talking to a lot of agencies and they would be in-touch in due-course within the next week. Next week came and went and I thought oh well, at least I tried my best and I had been completely honest in my endeavors to secure the contract.

The following week I received a phone call on my way up to Dublin from having been at home in Mayo for the weekend. I did not even look at the number and just answered. It was the Marketing Manager from the said organization telling me that I was successful in winning the contract and that they wanted to do business with us. How I did not crash the car that day, I will never know. She said the main thing that swag me winning the contract was my sheer honestly and also the UK/Irish thing. I was delighted!

We had a follow up conversation in a hotel near the airport to finalise details and that was that. Since then we have worked so hard with fulfilling the contract and meeting their every need, but most of all we have a fantastic working relationship.

In December we have our first marketing rollout for this client and we will revile who it is then. The moral of the story is think big and big things will happen!

A huge thank you to all the people that has worked on this project with me thus far, the late night and early mornings have paid off!

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