Polish Theatre Ireland trying to BDifferent with Fundit

Fundit is an all Ireland crowdfunding website started with the aim of helping Ireland’s creative minds make their projects happen. Project creators on Fundit set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen in return for a tangible reward. 

Today we talk to the Polish Theatre Ireland who have turned to Fundit to try get their production of Foreign Bodies up on stage!

The Polish Theatre Ireland have decided to put a campaign on FundIt to help fund their newest production Foreign Bodies due to the lack of funding. They hope to raise €1500 in seven days in order to cover the costs of author’s copyrights, set materials, props, costumes, transport and printing of the scripts and promotional materials.

PTI is a theatre group formed in 2008 and and that are producing shows that are accessible for both Polish and Irish audiences. They are always trying to bring socially engaged productions, constantly searching for new audiences. PTI treat theatre not only as a form of artistic expression but also as a way of social debate and bridge of the cultural divides, which means that they want people to react and discuss social affairs with them. The Polish Theatre Ireland want to intertwine Polish and Irish theatre making and to merge two qualities: Irish theatre system with the nature of Polish drama. The goal is to create a new voice in the Irish cultural scene. They also provide a platform for Polish immigrants to have a place in the Irish cultural sector befitting their skill, expertise and experience.

Foreign Bodies is based on a script written by a Polish playwright Julia Holewinska and translated by Artur Zapalowski (one of the most recognised translators of Polish dramas into English). The play has been acknowledged by the Gdynia Drama Award committee as the best Polish drama in 2010. With the help of the online community through Fundit It will be presented in the Project Arts Centre from 22nd July and 3rd August 2013.

For more information check out The Polish Theatre Ireland on Fundit visit Facebook or The PTI Website

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A start up that needed to BDifferent – Claremorris Colts RFC Part 2

After the excitement of George Hook paying we knew we needed to continue our momentum and ensure that we were still doing things a little differently from the other clubs around us. 
We did this by securing a visit from the Heineken cup trophy. After of number of weeks nagging the Leinster branch they relented and let us have the trophy for the weekend. As per usual it was rainy Saturday morning on the pitch but that didn’t stop everyone enjoying themselves. The cup got passed from small hands to big and back again as everyone wanted to get their pictures taken with the famous trophy. The biggest concern some players had with it was why we couldn’t fill the trophy with coke. Once training was over the cup got brought from house to house many locals wanted to get a snap with the trophy, I’d hate to imagine the amount of car boots the trophy was in over the course of the weekend.
The season rolled on and we did quite well in a number of Connacht blitz’s however a notable achievement was just around the corner. It may have been Grand National day in England but the Claremorris Colts U10 team had their own race to run as they headed to An Cheathrú Rua for the Connemara cup and like the race across the water the outsider came out on top by the smallest of margins as U10’s won the first trophy in the history of Claremorris Colts RFC.The final itself without doubt the tightest game of the day with both teams not giving an inch. It was clear both teams didn’t want to lose and as the game entered the final moments neither team could be separated but all that was about to change. After been camped on the An Ghealtacht line Kyle Leonard somehow spotted the smallest of gaps and wriggled his way over to win the cup for the Mayo men. The roar that greeted the final whistle must surely have been heard across the Atlantic Ocean as the cup was heading out of Galway for the first time. Each and every player and their coaches Eddie McLoughlin and Fergal Leonard can be very proud of the display of rugby that was produced on a historic day for the us. Next up a Connacht club award and some rugby legends…
Claremorris Colts RFC can be found online here for more information and training times contact Paul Cunnane

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#JobFairy #InternFairy


With so many people asking us about jobs and internships we decided to put a resource together to help people find the perfect Marketing and Tech jobs. to add your job listing contact lisa@bdifferent.ie


Digital Marketing Executive – West Dublin 

Copy & Community Manager – Dublin 

Marketing Executive – Grand Canal Hotel Dublin 

Content Manager SEO – Groupon Dublin  – For more Groupon Jobs click here

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Young Irish Entrepreneurs Spotlight – Jean Kennedy

Young Irish entrepreneur Jean Kennedy from County Laois answered a few questions for B*Different on what appearing on Junior Dragons Den with Scr!bble TimeTable Pen has done for her and her business.

How was your business doing before appearing on Junior Dragons Den?

I set up Scr!bble in 2011 with four close friends as part of the Student Enterprise Awards in our Transition Year Program. This project gave me the chance to experience entrepreneurship and test out my product which proved to be a great success. Scr!bble was awarded best innovative idea in Laois and as the inventor I was so proud to have succeeded in transforming a simple idea into a profit making product.

I came up with my idea while I was walking through a stall at the National Ploughing Championships 2011. I was given a promotional pen, which contained a scroll advertising this company’s service. In school the next day there were many students who had got the gadget and were using it to write with.

I had been planning on coming up with a product for students as I knew what problems we faced on an every day to day basis and as I could easily sell them at school. I decided to adapt the banner pen idea to create a product that helped students and even teachers keep themselves organised throughout the week, The Timetable Pen.

My first order was for 1000 pens. Our mini company team sold this batch to students and teachers in my area, through sports teams, youth clubs, basically by word of mouth. By the end of our school year, the mini company project ended and we were all thrilled to have each received some wages for working hard all year. During that summer I decided I’d like to continue with this product, the problem was I had no more stock, that’s when I saw the advertisement for ‘budding entrepreneurs’ to apply for Junior Dragons Den. The €2000 bursary could get my company back up and running. And so it did, Scr!bble is now a sole trader company selling to students and teachers throughout the nation.

How has the show helped you?

The journey from filling out my Junior Dragons Den application form to pitching my business to the Dragons is without doubt an experience that I will never forget. I remember seeing the advert for ‘budding entrepreneurs’ to apply for The Den if ‘you’ve got what it takes to face The Dragons’. It was the day before the closing date and I was just home from work, I love a good challenge so I decided I’d apply and put my previous transition year mini company idea forward and hope for the best.

All of a sudden I found myself telling top business men and women all about my company at the Regional and National finals of the JDD selections. I loved every minute, answering questions, getting people’s point of view about the product and meeting other talented junior entrepreneurs. It was a great opportunity to find out more about the world of business and how it works, what type of a personality you need to be successful in business and also how important contacts are!

I was in school when I received the email to say I had been picked from the National finals to pitch my business idea to the Dragons. It really is a once in a life time opportunity standing in front of five top business people and pitching my idea not only to those millionaires, but to the entire nation. And of course, I was super excited to be on the television!

The weeks seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was standing at the bottom of the famous stair case casually chatting to one of the filming crew. I was so calm until I managed to reach the top of the staircase and then, it all hit me! I stepped inside ‘The Den’ (which is a lot bigger and intimidating than it looks on TV) and made strong eye contact with ‘The Dragons’. I introduced myself, I began my pitch and I honestly cannot remember one thing that happened after that! The combination of adrenalin and nerves just overwhelmed me, it felt great. I came back to reality as I shook hands with Gavin Duffy and Sean O’Sullivan, after sealing the deal. I was so happy I could have kissed them but I managed to contain myself until I got back out to my parents! I was so grateful to have gotten the chance to be part of this series ‘Dragons Den’. I learned so much about myself as an individual and how important it is to work hard in life if you want success, The Dragons are all so inspirational to me!

I would certainly recommend other entrepreneurs to apply for Dragon’s Den in the future. It’s a brilliant way to get your company up and running especially in the current economic climate. Not only do you learn more about your business and get to expand your ideas but you also get to meet other companies and make some great friends and connections in the world of business!

What have you done since the show?

I have been very busy since the screening of Junior Dragons Den, I have set up an online store where students and teachers everywhere can order pens via PayPal and have them posted to their home. There was over 2000 hits on my website the night the show was aired, which proves how beneficial business screen time is. I have spent a lot of time approaching businesses who would be interested in advertising their company on the opposite side of the timetable pen, I do all of the graphic designing on the banner myself so I spend most nights on the computer working on them or filling out orders. I am currently focusing on the marketing side of my company as it’s getting close to the ‘back to school season’ and retailers will be particularly interested in my product during these months. Bank of Ireland has also recently held their ‘National Enterprise Week’ where I launched my new 2013 stock, sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

What are your plans for the next year?

I am lucky that the majority of my product selling is done during the summer time/ back to school season, it means that the company isn’t too time consuming while I study for the Leaving Cert, within the next year I want to see teachers and students all around the country using their timetable pen to help them adapt to their new timetable routine. I’d also love to get involved with colleges and universities around Ireland.

My target market is first year students as they find the timetable pen particularly useful as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. It takes time for them to adapt to the hectic school timetable routine, their Scr!bble pen is an essential survival gadget! I will be busy with college over the next few years so I probably won’t expand my company product until I have time to put all my energy and work into it. For now I’m concentrating on getting my first product out on the market. The Timetable Pen, The Original! 

For more information see: Facebook  Twitter  Google+ or The Timetable Pen Website

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A start up that needed to BDifferent – Claremorris Colts RFC

Claremorris Colts RFC was formed in 2009. With no pitch of our own we use a local school GAA pitch for our mini rugby training sessions on Saturday mornings and a neighbouring club to hold all our Youth ‘Home’ rugby games. However if we were to succeed we knew we needed to do things differently from other clubs locally. After an initial membership of 80 players the season gone bye saw our membership grow to over 250 registered players of boys and girls from U7 to U17. We felt by starting at the bottom and growing our player numbers year by year it ensures a long term future for the club. 
The previous two seasons in particular the club has gone from strength to strength. It started in September 2011 with a fantastic boost. Elvery’s Sport ran a nationwide campaign to find a club who were Ireland’s greatest supporters and it turns out they liked our entry so much we won the prize of a trip to Aviva stadium to watch the Ireland team train and meet them afterwards before they went to the rugby world cup in New Zealand.So the day arrived when 34 excited players and 6 even more excited coached boarded the bus and hit for the Aviva stadium. A cheer of delight rose up from the players as the bus pulled up in front of the stadium and there was a scramble for the door as each and every club member tried to be the first to alight. But there was no rush, we had arrived at our destination in plenty of time and got to check out the Aviva Stadium before training began.
It turned out to a truly magical day we got to see the Irish boys go through a full blown contact session. Once training was over our players started to get very giddy as they knew meeting the players was only minutes. Players such as Tommy Bowe, Cian Healy, Jamie Heaslip, Sean O’Brien and many more mingled among our red jersey and were happy to chat and pose for photos with us all. It was without doubt a fantastic day for all and it was an unbelievable start to our season.
Next up for us was date with well know rugby pundit and all round nice guy George Hook. George agreed to conduct a coaching session with our mini rugby players on the day before the World cup final. This was a fantastic boost for us as our lads had seen him on TV for the last month analysing all that was good and bad about the 2011 world cup. To get him down to us the day before the final was unbelievable for us. It also meant George had an early start the following morning as he had to leave Claremorris at 4am to ensure he back in Donnybrook and ready to go for RTE by 8.30am.
The coaching session was thoroughly enjoyable with George having a word for all the age groups. Whether it was the U7’s or the U12 it didn’t matter as he engaged with all players and he left a lasting impression with all players, parents and coaches. Without doubt he will be welcomed back any time by the people of Claremorris. Next up is the Heineken Cup trophy, our first ever club trophy and much more… 
Claremorris Colts RFC can be found online here for more information and training times contact Paul Cunnane

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Transformation Thursday – If you change nothing, nothing will change.

I used to be one of those people who would roll their eyes at the sight of yet another ‘inspirational motivational’ quote that a friend had shared on Facebook so please excuse the title of this post if it is putting you off reading any further. 

To cut an extremely long story short – I have always been overweight. My weight has fluctuated from 16st to 14st, back up to 17st, down to 15st 7lbs for all of my adult life. In September 2010 I weighed 18st 7lbs. I know this as I took a career break from work for 3 months to travel some of the world and I remember weighing myself the day before I left Ireland. I returned just before Christmas 3st lighter thanks mainly to the backpacker lifestyle of living off beans and toast & carrying all my belongings on my back everywhere we went. My lifestyle while I was backpacking couldn’t have been further from my reality. I’m a computer programmer so spend from 8.30am to 6.00pm sitting at a desk. I drive to and from work and in general I’d admit that I have always been a lazy person. Fast-forward to Saturday, August 25th 2012 and I was helping friends move house. We were doing one final sweep of upstairs to make sure everything had been packed away and I found a weighing scales in their bathroom. I don’t own weighing scales (probably out of denial) and I stood on them. That Autumn afternoon in my friends empty bathroom, I watched the needle on the scale fly past NINETEEN STONE (19st 2lbs to be exact).That Saturday afternoon in my friends’ empty bathroom, I stood looking down at the weighing scale and I felt so much shame… I am the only person to blame for my own size. Not one person has ever forcefed me, prevented me from taking a walk/exercise class/joining a gym, made me choose a take-away over something fresh and homemade. 

On Tuesday, August 28th 2012, I rejoined Weight Watchers – Something had to change! From September to Christmas I followed the Weight Watchers plan, pointing my food daily and sticking to my daily point allowance. I lost about 3st in 3 months. The small changes I had made to my food intake had massive effects on my body. Instead of having 6 coffees during my work day, I drank water instead of every second coffee. Instead of grabbing breakfast at the deli counter, I brought porridge to work. Instead of having a Mars Bar at 3pm, I had an apple. Each of these sound so trivial, but collectively played a massive part in my weight loss. I’m not saying it was easy to resist the instant gratification achieved from eating ‘bad’ food like chocolate, pizza or takeaways but with a little self restraint and discipline, I found myself moving in the right direction. Each little Silver 7 (a sticker you get when you lose 7lbs/half a stone) motivated me towards getting the next Silver 7.

By Christmas (the picture on the right below), I was 16st 7lbs and I felt great. My weight loss has slowed down either due to the fact there was a lot more temptation around close to Christmas in the form of staff parties, selection boxes and tins of roses or the fact that what I had changed in life had reached its plateau. I want to be a healthier, fitter, better person – that was when I remembered my own advice ‘If you change nothing, nothing will change’. I had to make another choice, am I happy being 16st 7lbs or do I want to push for more? 

John will continue his story next week with Transformation Thursday here on the B*Different Blog in the meantime you can follow him on twitter or check out his blog.

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Appy Monday – Irish Rail App

Alan Kelly - Image: Paul Sharp

Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Public and Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly TD today launched the new Irish Rail App. Available on both Android and iOS. The helpful app is now available to download for free.

The main features of the App are:

  • Real time train information with delay notifications

  • Current and up to date timetables

  • Stations location services

  • Identification of nearby stations via GPS of current location  

  • Details of intermediate stations and whether there are any changes on route

  • Compact display of route alternatives, including door-to-door navigation and walking distances

  • Favourite function for destinations and routes including auto-history for past queries

  • Re-entry on last screen when leaving or re-starting the application

Download from Google Play Store Here  or Download from iTunes Here

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Young Irish Entrepreneurs Spotlight – Dan and Mike’s Ice Cream

Young Irish entrepreneurs Dan and Mike from County Tipperary answered a few questions for B*Different on what appearing on Junior Dragons Den with Dan and Mike’s Ice Cream has done for them and their business.

How was your business doing before appearing on Junior Dragons Den?
We set up our company in September of 2011 as a project for school. The sales really started piling up the following summer and then we entered Junior Dragons Den. Before appearing on Junior Dragons Den our business was going quiet well. We were working on new designs for labels and tubs and the hype of being on Junior Dragons Den got us a lot of publicity and our sales were also very high. We noticed that a lot more people were beginning to ask more questions and enquire a lot more, after hearing that we might be on television, instead of just buying an ice cream or sorbet and then walking away.

How has the show helped you?
The show helped us immensely in many ways. Our product was so much more well known and the support and great comments we were receiving from people we didn’t even know was just fantastic. it gave us great confidence in our product and we were really pleased in general. The bursary that Sean O Sullivan awarded us helped us to widen our selling range as many shops now want to sell our products and we are also able to travel to town festivals and craft fairs to sell our ice creams and sorbets there. some of the comments that the dragons made about our products on the show was was really encouraging and also was a great endorsement.

What have you done since the show?
Since the show we have completed our new designs for our new customized tubs along with the help of a few friends and a great graphic designer in London. These tubs will allow us to expand our range into more different shops, only around South Tipp for the moment. We have also purchased a new ice cream cart with the bursary which we feel is a unique sight in Ireland and will also help us to sell more as we can travel to many festivals and events.

What are your plans for the next year? 
In the next year we hope to have our ice creams and sorbets in all good shops around our area! We also plan to travel around the county and province this summer selling our products at craft fairs and festivals. 



Dan and Mike will be selling their Ice Cream in Tesco, Clonmel this Friday June 7th 2013 and it is available locally on an ongoing basis in shops around the town. 

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Head in the Clouds: Cloud Solutions Simplified

Eamon Moore Cloud Compare The concept of ‘cloud computing’ is causing a lot of stir at the moment. And it’s no wonder, as it is arguably one of the greatest technical revolutions since the invention of personal computing. However, while most of us have come to grips with the basic functions of our PCs and laptops, there exists a lot of confusion surrounding cloud computing, even amongst the most seasoned computer user.

At its most basic, cloud computing is ‘internet computing.’ Essentially, it involves the accessing and storing of applications and services over the internet. So far, so simple. However, the term ‘cloud’ itself seems to be one of the main causes of confusion. People often ask: ‘What exactly is the cloud? and ‘Where is it?’ The best way to answer this is to think of ‘cloud’ as an umbrella term for the data centres that store these applications and services. There is no one physical cloud in the sky in which this data is stored. Rather, there are huge centres all around the world that hold this information. Just think of the hard drive on your laptop or the server in your office, but on a much larger scale.

The truth is that the layman has been using cloud services for quite some time now, though they may not have been fully aware of it. Take, for example, your internet banking, your Gmail or Hotmail accounts, and of course, your social networking. All of this information is both stored and accessed remotely. Whether you log in to your email account from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, what you are essentially doing is accessing data that is stored in a remote centre, possibly thousands of miles away.

When the concept of cloud computing is simplified, the personal user realises that there is little to be afraid of. However, in the business world, adopting cloud services can seem like an ominous task. This is due in part to the high level of data that most organisations would need to transfer to the cloud. It is also due to the wide variety of cloud solutions that are available to business customers. Some more common questions: ‘How do I know which is the right cloud solution for my company?’ ‘Will our sensitive information be safe?’ and ‘How long will the migration process take?’ This is where Cloud Compare steps in. As Ireland’s first cloud services brokerage, Cloud Compare acts as the independent middleman between service providers and customers, ensuring the right cloud solutions are adopted for the business. However, there is more to Cloud Compare than simply identifying appropriate solutions for clients. The team at Cloud Compare also works closely with clients to ensure that these solutions are implemented and managed in the most effective ways possible, as well as offering support and review services so that clients are always ahead in the cloud.

Cloud Compare is currently rolling out tailor-made workshops for organisations that are looking to move their operations to the cloud. These interactive workshops are conducted on the client’s premises and generally last about 3 hours. They aim to equip staff with the necessary knowledge for the adoption of cloud services and include a personalised take-away report outlining the individual needs of the organisation, along with appropriate suggestions for cloud solutions.

If you are unsure about which direction to take on the road to cloud migration, a Cloud Compare workshop could provide you with the answers your organisation needs. All concerns are covered; from the commonest of queries to the most technical and company-specific requests.

Eamon Moore is Managing Director of Cloud Compare, Ireland’s leading Cloud Services Brokerage.

Contact Details

Phone: + 353 1 5312300
Web: www.cloudcompare.ie
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/cloud-compare Twitter: www.twitter.com/CloudCompareIE 

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Stripe to go in to Beta in Ireland before hitting the rest of Europe

Stripe to go in to Beta in Ireland before hitting the rest of Europe.

Stripe the online payment system for apps and businesses founded by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison is to launch in Ireland before hitting the rest of Europe. Stripe allows for payments to be conducted online with out the need for a merchant account, There are no set up fees, no monthly membership fees or refund fees so you only pay for the cash you receive  At a rate of 2.9% + 30c (Us Dollar) Stripe’s fees come in cheaper than leading competitor Paypal.

Patrick and John founded Stripe in 2010 two years after selling their first start up Auctomatic. Stripe is based in Silicon Valley, California where Patrick credits for having an excellent multinational talent pool. To choose employees from. Stripe received $18m in funding in February from Sequoia Capital, who valued the company at $100million.

You can check Stripe out by purchasing a book from the Collison’s younger brother Tommy for just 99c here 

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Five Irish TV Ads

Here are five very Irish TV ads to make us smile on a Wednesday morning. 

Guinness Advert – All-Ireland Tickets 

McDonald’s Eurosaver Johnny Logan

Meteor Mobile Broadband with Chris O’Dowd

Kerry Gold – Horse to France

Carlsberg – Caca Milis




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Eimear McCormack to Mentor at Startup Weekend Dublin

The Managing Director of B*Different, Eimear McCormack is set to mentor at Startup Weekend Dublin 2013. Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011.

The non-profit organization is headquartered in Seattle, Washington but Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 200 cities around the world. From Mongolia to South Africa to London to Brazil, people around the globe are coming together for weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and start companies.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.

Eimear is very much looking forward to meeting and mentoring the budding entrepreneurs in all aspects of digital marketing and general marketing! McCormack said “It’s fantastic to be involved as a Mentor for such a prestigious event, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the teams”.

The event will be held in Google Ireland in Dublin from the 7th-9th of June and you can register for the event by clicking here. 

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