Appy Monday – Map My Ride

Cycling in Ireland has never been more popular and you don’t have to be training for the Tour de France to pop on a helmet, hop on your bike and take to the road. 

Today we are looking at the Map My Ride App, available free on Android and iOS. Map My Ride allows users to plan, track and analyse a workout from their mobile phone. There is a lot of competition in this area of the market and after testing many cycling/route tracker apps out since I purchased my bike seven weeks ago, Map My Ride is the clear winner in my eyes.


Map My Ride is easy to use, takes very little time to set-up when you want to get going and will track your route, speed, distance, calories burned and much more. One of the features I enjoyed most on this app was the voice notifications which alert you to your progress along the route. 

Starting out with this app is easy, you have a choice of signing up to an account or you can log in with your Facebook, you just need to add some extra details such as height, weight and gender to maximise the benefit you get from the app. Tracking your route could not be simpler, simply hit record from the main menu when you depart for your cycle and pause when you are finished your workout and Map My Ride will take care of the rest, uploading your route to their website whilst giving you the options to make it public or private

Not only can you track your own cycling routes but you can look at routes others have cycled locally and compete in challenges on these routes to gain the fastest times.

Map My Ride also has extra features that I do not use such a food and water log, calories budget and weight tracking.

To download the app from the iTunes store, Click Here

To download the app from Google Play Store, Click Here 

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