8 Tips on Promoting Your Event Online

  1.  Plan, who are the audience you want to attend?  What form of social media and digital marketing is best to communicate to them, what event websites reach the target audience?
  2.  Create a Hashtag for the event and promote it everywhere.  Use it on your blog and website.   Encourage your audience to ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag.  Where possible at the event use a big screen or wall where Tweets can be displayed. There is a free tool www.twitterfontana.com, which allows you to do this. 
  3. Update on your blog and on your social media sites about how the planning stage  of  is going, keep the audience interested with stories and pictures.  Engage with your audience and encourage them for feedback and ideas.  Give them a taster or snippet of what to expect. For example during my work in Wolfticket Theatre before the Halloween Showcase we uploaded a video with interview and a snippet of  a rehearsal this created excellent engagement  with a huge amount of shares
  4. If it is a Dublin based event there are event websites that will promote your event for free they are www.dublineventguide.com and www.dublintown.ie.  They have massive traffic and at my previous work for Wolfticket Theatre we found these sites to be an invaluable tool for marketing our event on their site.  It is another useful method of driving traffic to your own site.
  5. Bring a photographer and encourage people to tag themselves on Facebook once they are uploaded online
  6. Be open and ask your audience for feedback online, having this instant feedback is invaluable for key learning’s 
  7. Remember find out what works for the future how did the audience hear about it, what would you do differently? What website suits your audience to promote it
  8. Update your next blog post very soon after using the imagery and photographs from it


About The Author: 

Brian Cronin is a marketing professional with over 7 years FMCG experience across various roles. opportunitiesBrian can be found tweeting from @bcronin82 and his linkedin can be found here

opportunitiesWe would highly recommend getting in touch with Brian for any marketing or event planning opportunities you may have.

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Password Security

Password Security


Almost half a million Irish customers of collective buying website Living Social have been urged by the Data Protection Commissioner’s office to change the passwords associated with their account after hackers gained unauthorised access to databases containing customer details such as names, email addresses, date of birth and passwords. Living Social has stressed that the database containing credit card details had not been compromised.

Tips for Online Password Security

  • Create a strong password, use letters, numbers and a symbol if possible. Never use spouses, children or pets names.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts. If one account is subsequently hacked, your other accounts will not be at risk.
  • Use the Security Question option sparingly, if there is an option to verify with phone or email always select it. Many people close to you will know most security questions.


Most Popular Passwords of 2012

  1. password
  2. 123456
  3. 12345678
  4. abc123
  5. qwerty

If you have one of these I also recommend changing it ASAP

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Google Drive

There is no doubt about it that cloud storage is the way forward, for the past 1.5 years we’ve been using Dropbox for sharing and it’s defiantly the way to go for sharing files with colleagues and family etc. We also use Google Docs for group collaboration and it works very well.  Learning of Google’s new cloud storage facility ‘Google Drive’ yesterday excited us but are Google a little too late to the party? We think there is plenty room for more competition. 

*Google Drive is not available in Ireland at the moment. 


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