Managing Multiple Google+ Pages For One Brand

In the last couple of weeks with the announcement of the departure of Vic Gundotra from Google there was a lot of talk online that his legacy at the company, Google+ was on life support and waiting to be killed off. This speculation was all well and good except for one thing, at the same time that half the internet was planning a funeral for Google+, business owners were noticing that their Google places accounts had been automatically merged into Google+ pages and things were looking very messy.

Some businesses had their main brand page on Google+ where they were posting content regularly. They also had a Google Places For Business account where they managed all the location details for their bricks and mortar locations around the country. Many large businesses with multiple locations like supermarkets, fast-food chains, or retail stores now had hundreds of Google+ pages to manage. These local listings which are very important to brands in terms of driving local traffic and sales to a website were now looking like empty unbranded Google+ pages.

Google+ pages cannot be merged and Google+ also doesn’t support a parent child relationship between pages. So deciding what to do with multiple Google+ pages can be tricky. Firstly we suggest you add a logo and a cover photo to all of the new pages and ensure that the correct information for your locations is being displayed. This information can be edited easily by logging in to Google Places for Business

Options for managing multiple Google+ pages for the one brand: 

  1. Keep the old Google+ brand page and the new Google+ pages for your locations active by posting all content to both. If your business has a national and local presence this makes sense, but it is a lot of work if you have 30 shops located around the country.

  2. Delete the original Google+ Page that you were running for your brand, reposting all the old content to the new local Google+ page. This option is also not very practical if you have 30 locations nationwide that now need individual Google+ pages managed.

  3. Our recommended solution is to keep the original brand Google+ page and all the new local pages. Post all new content to the original brand page as normal and place a once off post on the new Google+ pages for each location directing users to the main brand Google+ page. 

If you find all this a bit too daunting B*Different offer both social media training and account management services, get in touch with us today.

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