5 Google Doodles That Slowed Down Employee Productivity


Every now and then the Google homepage brings the internet to a standstill with a great interactive Google Doodle. Today we look at a selection of 5 Google Doodles that kept employees from getting real work done.


5. Google’s 15th Birthday

On September 27th 2013, Google celebrated its 15th birthday in style with a Google Doodle dedicated to itself. The doodle displayed the Google letters at a birthday party, press play and a Piñata came into view. The Google “g” was now blindfolded and had ten chances to hit it. Pressing the space bar the “g” strikes the moving Piñata, and sweets fall out. The more sweets you knock out, the higher your score. We got 144 give it a go and see can you beat us, just make sure your boss isn’t looking.

You can play the Google’s 15th Birthday Doodle here.

4. Roswell’s 66th Anniversary

July 8th 2013 saw quite a strange event been celebrated in the form of a Google Doodle. The 66th Anniversary of the Roswell doodle depicts the story of an alien, who crash landed on earth and needs help putting the three sections of his ship back together by solving puzzles and interacting with farm animals.

The point and click alien adventure can be played here.

3. Les Paul’s 96th Birthday


I cannot play the guitar nor do I claim to but on June 9th 2011 that didn’t stop me as I attempted to string a few notes together to celebrate the 96th birthday of Les Paul, an American guitarist, songwriter and inventor. The iconic Google logo was transformed into an electric guitar that was playable by moving your mouse over the guitar strings. According to Google in 48 hours in the U.S alone, 5.1 years’ worth of music or 40 million songs were created and those songs were played back 870,000 times.

You can try your hand at making music on the Les Paul Google Doodle here.

2. 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

May 21st 2010 will always be remembered fondly as the date one of my favourite childhood games made history by becoming the first interactive doodle for Google. The game is just so easy but way to addictive. Simply use the arrow keys to get around the course collecting all the balls without running in to the ghosts. There was even a hidden Easter egg in the doodle press “insert coin” twice to make it a two player game with Ms. Pac-Man joining in the fun. 

If you have a few hours to kill, check out the Google doodle for Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary here.

1. 40th Anniversary of Rubik’s Cube

Yesterday, May 19th 2014 saw probably the most time consuming of all Google Doodles hit our screen an interactive Rubik’s Cube. It was a lot more complex than the others with its six faces. Just like the real thing after multiple attempts I was forced to retire in the knowledge that without Photoshop I was not going to be sharing my completed Rubik’s Cube with you today.

If you think you can complete the online Rubik’s Cube give it a shot here.

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