Marketing To Generation Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular photo messaging app that allows users to take photos or record videos known as snaps, and then add text and doodle drawings to them, before sending to a friend or controlled list of recipients. After taking the snap users set a time limit of between 1 and 10 seconds for how long recipients can view their Snaps. Snapchat Stories are a great option for brands, allowing them to add snaps together creating a story. Snap Stories live for 24 hours before disappearing. After this time the snaps are hidden from the recipient’s phone and also erased from Snapchat servers. Snapchat has an estimated 30 million users who send on average of 350 million snaps a day and is very popular with users between 13-25.

Should my brand be using Snapchat?

  • Is your target market aged between 13 and 25?

  • Are you looking for a fun way to interact with your audience?

  • Have you built a strong community on more main stream social media?

If you answered Yes to the above then Snapchat is the next step in your brands social media strategy.

What are brands doing on Snapchat?

Encouraging repeat customers 16 Handles, A New York City based frozen yoghurt shop ran a new years Snapchat promotion. It worked in three stages. First, existing customers would send a selfie of themselves eating some fro-yo in a 16 Handles shop to the company’s Snapchat account. The 16 Handles marketing team then automatically sent the customer a Snapchat message containing a coupon. The customer then waited until they were next in store and at the till ready to pay and opened the snap. The snaps from 16 handles contained money off coupons ranging from a percentage off the full price to a free purchase. Within days of launching their Snapchat campaign, the popular frozen yoghurt shop had sent more than 1,400 Snapchat messages and built up an active following to which they could send future promotional material. 

Creating Teasers, In the UK market MTV used Snapchat to promote its hit reality show Geordie Shore before launching the sixth series in the summer of 2013. Fans were encouraged to add the show’s official Snapchat account by seductive messaging, in exchange for exclusive content including videos and photographs of the cast, The demographics of Snapchat users and the viewers of Geordie Shore are a perfect match allowing MTV to tease viewers with spoilers direct to their smartphones.

Creating a buzz, Tennent’s Vital is Northern Ireland’s most popular music festival held annually in Belfast. The 2014 concerts were confirmed in March announcing The Killers as headliners through social media including Snapchat. To see Snapchat for business live in action add them on Snapchat, username: tennentsvital

5 smart tips for success with Snapchat for business:

  1. Choose a simple brand name.

  2. Keep it casual.

  3. Know and engage your audience.

  4. Don’t spam.

  5. Most importantly have fun!

For any help with creating the perfect social media strategy for your business contact B*Different today for a free 1 hour consultation

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How to stop people congratulating you after every LinkedIn update

It’s one of the most annoying things in the world is that when you update your Linkedin profile your connections start congratulating you. Ok, so if you have changed jobs, that’s cool because maybe you want to be congratulated. But if you have just edited your profile OR perhaps your current role has a new title, your entire network is notified. Super annoying! Not only that, but perhaps you are “job hunting” and you are spring-cleaning your profile, your network will see your notifications and also what companies you have recently followed. So, let’s put a stop to all of this. 

1) Log in to Linkedin 

2) Scroll to “Privacy and Settings”


3) Click “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” 




4) Un-click the box and click save


That’s it, you’re done. Happy job hunting/spring cleaning…


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8 Tips on Promoting Your Event Online

  1.  Plan, who are the audience you want to attend?  What form of social media and digital marketing is best to communicate to them, what event websites reach the target audience?
  2.  Create a Hashtag for the event and promote it everywhere.  Use it on your blog and website.   Encourage your audience to ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag.  Where possible at the event use a big screen or wall where Tweets can be displayed. There is a free tool, which allows you to do this. 
  3. Update on your blog and on your social media sites about how the planning stage  of  is going, keep the audience interested with stories and pictures.  Engage with your audience and encourage them for feedback and ideas.  Give them a taster or snippet of what to expect. For example during my work in Wolfticket Theatre before the Halloween Showcase we uploaded a video with interview and a snippet of  a rehearsal this created excellent engagement  with a huge amount of shares
  4. If it is a Dublin based event there are event websites that will promote your event for free they are and  They have massive traffic and at my previous work for Wolfticket Theatre we found these sites to be an invaluable tool for marketing our event on their site.  It is another useful method of driving traffic to your own site.
  5. Bring a photographer and encourage people to tag themselves on Facebook once they are uploaded online
  6. Be open and ask your audience for feedback online, having this instant feedback is invaluable for key learning’s 
  7. Remember find out what works for the future how did the audience hear about it, what would you do differently? What website suits your audience to promote it
  8. Update your next blog post very soon after using the imagery and photographs from it


About The Author: 

Brian Cronin is a marketing professional with over 7 years FMCG experience across various roles. opportunitiesBrian can be found tweeting from @bcronin82 and his linkedin can be found here

opportunitiesWe would highly recommend getting in touch with Brian for any marketing or event planning opportunities you may have.

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When Tweeting Goes Wrong – Garda Traffic Twitter

So today, we were going through our newsfeed looking for something to light up our day when we noticed a lot of chit chat especially jokes from a Garda parody twitter account talking about a bit of a mix up by @GardaTraffic . When I clicked on I noticed our hard working public servant had gone from discussing Traffic collision on the N3 outbound just off M50 and before exit for Blanchardstown Shopping centre. expect delays” to doing their public duty and letting the country know “Ronaldo going back to utd” only minutes later to let us know “sorry mistake re ronaldo” That left us in a state of confusion was it a mistake to post the tweet on the official Garda Twitter account or just an update to let us know in fact Ronaldo is staying put?

If anyone at Garda HQ would like some proper advice or training on social media management feel free to contact us via our free consultation form!  

*Both tweets have now been deleted.


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