You’re in. Get ready to try the new Google Maps

We were very excited to wake up this morning to this email from Google.

The new Google Maps are­­­­­­­ ­very sleek and they integrate your search into the map.

Using the example of finding an Italian restaurant in Dublin, all you have to do is press search and all your options are now in front of you on the map.

Click on them and the information box is shown in the top left-hand corner including reviews from fellow Google users, making the maps very user-friendly and social. The option for directions is given to you in the information card, also allowing you to save home and work so you can quickly find your way to and from your destination. Another cool feature is the live traffic updates for the area you are searching. 

Not hungry? Fancy a trip to Croke Park or maybe you would love to go to the zoo? Wel, now you can do it without ever leaving your desk, thanks to the new Google Maps. 

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