Why is my website being outranked by a low quality site?

A question we hear all too often here at BDifferent HQ: Why is my page rank 6 homepage being outranked by this old page rank 3 website?  

Too many people look at Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and even inbound link numbers as the be all and end all of their search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics.

All of these are important elements but on their own they mean nothing.

Page Rank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page, It was developed at Stanford University by Google founders Larry Page (who it is assumed to be named after) and Sergey Brin. Page Rank uses links as votes, and every unique link to a web page from another is counted as a vote in that pages favour.  That should mean that a website with the most links should just rank number one organically, shouldn’t it?

Well no. With the evolution of SEO over the years, there has always been black hat SEO’s looking to rank quick and fast by any means possible. Keyword Stuffing, Directory Links, Spam Comments, Link Farms, Link buying and Selling whatever it took they did it.

Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm to make sure that they serve the user the most relevant content. Over the last two years, Google Panda and Google Penguin have been hard at work making sure that these manipulative strategies won’t work when it comes to ranking.

Google’s ranking algorithms take over 200 ranking factors into consideration and are constantly being refreshed. For all the factors we know about there are 10 others that they keep to themselves.

There is no magic trick to ranking your website at number one in Google, but fresh relevant content that adheres to the Google Webmaster guidelines is the only way in which to do it long term.

So next time you get an email offering you the number one spot on google for €99 a month or 500 backlinks for €45 just press delete and save your website and yourself from the stresses of getting knocked out of Google Results.

For a brief look into some of the Ranking Factors that Google use, check out this cool infographic from Search Engine Land.


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