Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing links a once-in-a-lifetime activity with your brand. The connection between the experience and your brand can be luxury, excitement, beauty, fun, wonder – whatever you want consumers to associate with your brand.

We like to think BIG when it comes to experiential marketing. If you’re going to do it, do it BIG.

Hot-air balloon BIG.

For Raffaello, we branded and flew a full-size hot-air balloon out of one of Dublin’s most iconic parks, Merrion Square.




  • Press releases to all national media
  • Recruitment of social influencers (major voices in Irish social media) to amplify hashtag impact
  • Press launch and photocall featuring Amy Huberman
  • Consumer touch points: pre-event flower & product distribution throughout the city, on-site product distribution
  • Fully branded site within Merrion Square: creating an exclusive, luxury venue in an open-air site with red carpet entrance and branded exit.

The Raffaello hot-air balloon launch was the biggest experiential campaign for a single brand undertaken in Ireland.



  • Concept
  • Event management plan
  • Location planning
  • Irish Aviation Authority & Dublin City Council permissions
  • Manufacturing and design of the hot air balloon
  • Site plan
  • Event management plan
  • Site design
  • Site branding
  • Event staff (safety officer, security, cleaning staff, event management staff)
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Product distribution
  • Crowd management
  • Photography, video drone and production staff
  • Press and media management
  • Post-campaign analysis of attendance and event impact



The event was coupled with a comprehensive PR promotion and launched by Amy Huberman.

The two-day event had an audience reach of over 1 million people.

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