Working from Home

Working from Home – How to Stay Motivated

If you’re stuck in a grim, grey office all day, the thought of working from home can sound like a walk in the park.

But the reality is that it requires a lot of self-motivation. Before you’ve tried it, you may have this image of having the ultimate flexibility working in pyjamas (which is sometimes true!) but isn’t without its challenges.

Here are some our top tips on how to keep on trucking when you’re working from home.

Set a schedule

I know this sounds counter intuitive to having the flexibility of being at home but by having some structure in place lets you plan for the day. It doesn’t have to be rigid but knowing when to start and when to stop at least makes you take into account how much time you’re actually spending working.

Get dressed

This will get you into the “I’m working” mindset. You don’t have to dress up in suits but pulling on gear that isn’t your pyjamas will make you feel more professional.

Don’t let friends just pop by

This may sound a bit mean but it’s better to reserve meeting with friends when it doesn’t disrupt your work cycle (unless of course it’s an emergency and they could really do with your support).

Avoid housework

I don’t mean FOREVER but don’t blur the lines between work and housework during your working hours. It usually means that you’re probably procrastinating a certain task.

Create a comfortable working space

A good chair with great back support can do wonders, as a result you’ll probably be more inclined to do more work. Keep your desk free of clutter and when weather permits have an open window nearby to keep you alert.

Cancel the noise!

If you live in a noisy place then noise-cancellation headphones can be life savers. Think about investing in them and working to the sound of the waves or your favourite tunes. Having noise cancelling headphones that also have a mute button means that you won’t be caught out if you’re in an online meeting and there are sirens blaring in your background.

Social media no-no

The only real excuse to be on social media during work hours is if you’re a social media manager! To keep the temptation to a minimum, you can install a chrome extension that makes sure that you don’t click in for a certain period of time. Find out more about StayFocused here.

Mind your food habits

It’s often a tendency of those who work from home to become grazers. Plan your food as you would if you were going to work in an office. Have your break at a set time and the same with lunch. Keep the sweet treats out of sight but don’t forget to have tea breaks to break the work/relax cycle.

Protect your days off

When you work from home, it’s very easy for every day to become a Monday morning – protect your days off. You have a life too! While you may think it tempting to keep ploughing away at the project, you also need to realise that having a break is OK – in fact, time away from a project might get you out of a rut where you can come back to work with fresh eyes.

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